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Does attitude determine your real estate success?

Your attitude has gotten you exactly where you deserve to be… but it can be changed! This week we are going to discuss how your attitude determines your success, this takes shape in many different ways, but today we’re going to cover one of the more critical ones: Self Talk:  If a five year old […]

4 January changes impacting the Real Estate & Mortgage Industry

There are several changes happening right now that might be completely changing the way you do business, and one of my missions is to help keep YOU informed so you can better serve your clients. Today is short and maybe not so sweet as I’m just going to highlight some of the changes in the […]

Ever had a problem tracking down the HOA/COA contact? Never again!

I promise, this one thing right here can save you HOURS of valuable time if you’re trying to track down the contact for a Homeowner’s Association for a real estate closing… I know I’ve wasted tons of time in the past on this one… and today I was online looking for something COMPLETELY different and […]

Another Goal Setting Article? Yep, and a cool free tool!

Go For The Goal! Goals are important because they give us something to aim for. They also give us a way to measure our progress. To be effective, your goals must be guided by something that really inspires you. If you have a vision of what your life will look like after you achieve your […]

Is perseverance worth it or should I have given up already?

Recently I celebrated a huge victory in my real estate business when the short sale that I been working on for two years and eight months finally closed.  One part of me wants to celebrate YEAH! but the other part of me, the business person in me, thinks it was a bad business decision.  When […]

What’s a gTLD? Only the biggest change to your marketing EVER!

This may be THE biggest change to your online presence EVER Yes, you read that right and no I’m not exaggerating (well, maybe a little). Coming this summer, meaning any day now, ICann, then entity that controls all of the domain name registrations, is releasing hundreds of new gTLD’s.  What does that mean?  Well right […]

YOUR Declaration of Independence

YOUR Declaration of Independence I really went back and forth on what I wanted to write for the 4th of July… it’s probably my favorite holiday (my wedding was even on the 4th weekend with a red, white & blue theme) but this year I just haven’t been feeling it and I can’t put my […]

Andy’s Mid Year Business Check Up Guide

Every year thousands of real estate industry professionals take a look at their year end W-2 or 1099 statement and say “Wow, that sucked… I’ll try to do better next year!”  Wouldn’t it be great to know BEFORE the end of the year what direction your business is taking and what you can do to […]