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What’s a gTLD? Only the biggest change to your marketing EVER!

This may be THE biggest change to your online presence EVER Yes, you read that right and no I’m not exaggerating (well, maybe a little). Coming this summer, meaning any day now, ICann, then entity that controls all of the domain name registrations, is releasing hundreds of new gTLD’s.  What does that mean?  Well right […]

If you have an Android Phone, Facebook “Home” will be available soon

Today, on April 4th, Zuckerberg announced a new feature release which will roll out April 12th called “Home”.  The announcements came with some new hardward releases from AT&T and HTC. Forbes even did a live blog from the event (Read It Here). Personally, I’m an iPhone gal, so this won’t affect me at all, but […]

Is your website “broken”? Use this easy check to find out

Ok, I don’t really mean your whole site is broken, just some of the links!  A broken link means when a visitor is on your mortgage website or real estate website and they click on something they get a “page not found” message or it goes to the wrong place. Not only is this frustrating […]

What’s your online marketing saying about YOU?

What’s your online marketing saying about YOU? Today I went to the website of a local networking group to find out some info about attending their meetings. Now this isn’t a group that meets in the back of a Denny’s… this is a high end, high dues, meets at a country club kind of group […]