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Does attitude determine your real estate success?

Your attitude has gotten you exactly where you deserve to be… but it can be changed!

This week we are going to discuss how your attitude determines your success, this takes shape in many different ways, but today we’re going to cover one of the more critical ones:

Self Talk:  If a five year old child heard every day “you’re stupid, you’re worthless, you’re never going to amount to anything” do you think that would hurt their chances of being a successful adult?  Of Course!  So why do we do it to ourselves every single day?  When someone makes a mistake they say “I’m so stupid” or when their business is not going well “I’m never going to be successful, I shouldn’t have even tried”  they are setting themselves up for failure just like that 5 year old.  Can you imaging if every day that 5 year old heard “You’re so smart, you’re going to be very successful when you grow up, the world is lucky to have you”  Do you imagine that child might turn out a little differently?  Certainly!  What are you telling yourself every day?  The next time you make a mistake, say “Hmmmm, that’s interesting, what can I learn from that?  or better yet, the next time you catch yourself doing something right, celebrate it!  Say “Wow, I’m a genius!  The world is lucky to have me!” and see how your outlook changes.

Exercise:  For one week, celebrate everything that goes GREAT in your life, whether it’s a big commission check, getting a great parking spot at the mall, having a good hair day, or seeing a beautiful sunset.  Celebrate It!  At the end of the week I think you will notice a difference and will continue to celebrate the successes forever!

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Andy is the Senior Instructor with CTC and has been in the industry since 1995. She'll keep you interested in learning for life!

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